Blogu to Blog

Blogu is not that light but simple and fresh as a blog engine, which is inspired by some existing static blog framework. Demo

Blogu's here github repo.



1. Installation

$ mkdir myblog
$ git clone myblog

2. Configuration

Config your config.json

$ cd myblog
$ cp example/config.json config.json
name name tile of index
slogan(option) some words
description as meta description
theme corrent only default
email for contact
link some other link
git git page repo
branch git repo branch
domain(option) blog domain

Tip: You can use github and gitcafe pages service, so the branch option is required, and if you use github page for project, branch should be gh-pages, and for gitcafe, gitcafe-pages. Or if you want to consume the only user io page, branch should be master.


$ make init

Tip: The make init better use for only once. If you forget some configuration, check out the remedy.

3. Write A New Post

$ make post name="Whatever your new post title is"

4. Generate

$ make gen

or shorter one

$ make g

5. Local Server

$ make server

or shorter one

$ make s

6. Deploy To Github

You should do this after generated by make gen.

$ make depoly

or shorter one

$ make d

7. Development

$ make dev

8. Some Remedy

Reconfig your config.json.

In case you forget to config git repo befor you run make init:

$ make addgit

In case you want to reconfig git repo:

$ make editgit

In case you want to reconfig git branch:

$ make editbr

In case you want to reconfig domain:

$ make adddomain

Hope you enjoy it : )